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   Welcome to my Game Cube code page

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Red Ray Gun
To make a red raygun apper work
your way to the undderground maze
level.  Go to the area that has the lava
and go to the to of the chamber.  If there
is a raygun there it will be red.  (The ray-
gun will not always be there.) : (

Mr. Game & watch colors
Everybody know how to change the
colors on the player select screen ,
but do you know how to get even
more colors?  For example, how
about yellow?  To make him yellow
get a super scope & start to charge
it.  Now look at Mr. Game & Watch.
To make him Light Green pause your
game right as you fire a raygun &
look at him.  This sometimes makes
him white if timed right.

Picture in metroid trophy
Zoom in on the metroid trophy and
look at the back of it.  The title page
of super metroid will be there.